Anzea 2014 Conference Workshop – Presenting Data Effectively

anzea keynote evergreen p9

Stephanie Evergreen Workshop

Presenting Data Effectively

Wellington NZ 10 July

Auckland NZ 11 July

Those fortunate to attend Stephanie’s workshops in New Zealand came away with highly useful, immediately applicable tools, examples and links to data visualization resources.

Using real data and hands on exercises, Stephanie stepped through a range of charts and resources to illustrate principles of data visualization that support legibility, comprehension, and retention. Stephanie helped us to get-to-grips with the importance of relationship, order and representation in data viz.

anzea keynote stephanie p8Relationship – the relationship between shape, form, interpretation and retention in the presentation of information. That is, how we process information and why some forms are both easier to understand and facilitate more accurate interpretation.

Order – data should be presented in a logical sequence, greatest to least, alphabetical or some other order that makes sense to the audience.

Representationmaking informed choices about chart types and presentation formats about how to best represent data.

We came away with practical grounded knowledge (and some tools and resources) of what chart type to use when and how to ‘best’ display information through the use of color, lines, arrangement, and text.

If you didn’t get to the workshop, you can get started by visiting:

  • Stephanie Evergreen @
  • Ann K Emery @
  • Chris Lysy @
  • Color Brewer 2 for colorblind friendly color schemes

The Data Visualization Checklist is a great place to start.






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