Ko Tararua te pae maunga
Ko Ohau te awa
Ko Tukorehe te marae
Ko Ngati Tukorehe te iwi
Tena koutou katoa

Tararua are the mountain ranges
Ohau is the river
Tukorehe is the meeting place
Ngati Tukorehe is the tribe
Greetings to you all

Hi I’m Nan Wehipeihana and live and work in Aotearoa New Zealand in the field of evaluation, research and policy.  I run my own company Research Evaluation Consultancy and am a member of the Kinnect Group.

I’ll be sharing what I’m doing and what I’m thinking about evaluation practice, approaches and theory.  My specific interests at the moment include: the use of evaluative rubrics, systems thinking in evaluation and indigenous evaluation.

I’m a member of:

I’m new to blogging and WordPress and whilst it is all supposed to be very simple and straightforward, sometimes it seems as clear as mud! There’s also this factor called ‘operator error’ which can take the simplest of tools or processes and make them more complicated then they need to be.  So bear with me whilst I grow my technical capabilities.