Indigenous Research Methods

I’m excited by this new text and I’m not even a third of the way through. However a read of the table of contents is enough to get me salivating. Each chapter is structured within an overview and activity section. Think of the overview section as the name suggests – as an overview and background (eg theory and context); and the activity section as providing practical examples (activities) from different Indigenous peoples, settings and contexts. For example in Chapter 5 (I jumped a couple of chapters okay) titled Theorizing on Social Science Research Method: Indigenous perspectives there is a wonderful set of activities (which I confess I have only scanned) around Storytelling Methods. Whilst Storytelling as a method is not new – at least in Indigenous contexts – the illustrative examples from Australia, Aoteroa/NZ, Canada, Hawaii and Africa – make for compelling reading. No more lest I give it all away. Don’t wait for me to finish reading it, my prediction is that it will become a foundational text for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, researchers and evaluators working with and in Indigenous communities.

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