A Practitioner’s Introduction to Developmental Evaluation

In September 2010 my colleague Kate McKegg and I ran a workshop at the AES (Australasian Evaluation Society 2010 Conference) in Wellington, New Zealand. It was a small, highly interactive group of participants which made for an engaging workshop.

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A useful reminder for Kate and I was the importance of context – country, culture and language. We used New Zealand examples which drew on Maori culture and practices and were in the Maori language.  Despite participants’ common Australasian history our Australian participants were not familiar with Maori terms and phrases. Whilst we had translated Maori terms in the early slides, we continued the use of English translations throughout the workshop and in the presentation slides and workshop handouts and materials.

Michael Quinn Patton’s foundational text Developmental Evaluation: Applying Complexity Concepts to Enhance Innovation and Use was published in July 2010 just prior to the workshop, so we provided a CD of DE articles and resources to participants including:

We also provided a copy of the workshop presentation.

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