Developmental Evaluation: Some resources and references to get started with.

From June 14-20 this year, my colleague Kate McKegg and I ran a series of practitioners introductory workshops on Developmental Evaluation throughout Australia for AES (Australasian Evaluation Society) and provided participants with a CD of DE publications, resources and links.

First up is the core Developmental Evaluation text.

I also recommend two additional publications which can be downloaded from the McConnell Foundation website.

One publication probably not so well known, is one that Michael Quinn Patton provided for the anzea (Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association) newsletter in September 2009, Connecting Evaluation to What People Know.

A recent discussion on evaltalk (discussion list of AEA –  American Evaluation Association) also identified some additional resources . You can hear Michael talk about Developmental Evaluation for about an hour at:

Also on the same site are series of 6 short question and answer clips from Michael.

Also look out for the the work of:

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